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Online Dating Advice for Men: the 6 Best Dos and Don’ts

Online dating can be an exciting new prospect, especially if you’re new to the game. However, for many fellas in their fifties and beyond, finding upfront dating advice for men on the internet can prove tricky. With so many conflicting agendas for how best to conduct yourself when it comes to internet dating, it’s no wonder you can end up feeling a little lost. Well, fear not. SilverSingles has got just the tonic. Ready to become an online dating pro? Here we go…

Dating advice for men that works

So, you’ve decided to give online dating a whirl. Congratulations! Now comes the leveller – how do you get started? Figuring out where’s best to begin is a conundrum that causes many older men discovering online dating for the first time to come unstuck. Dating sites can appear complicated, sketching out a dating profile can cause angst, and choosing the right pictures can become a headache. Therefore, we’ve come up with some expert dating advice for men we’re just bursting to impart. Let’s kick-off with the basics.

Do choose the right dating site for you

Before you even start worrying about the nitty-gritty of online dating, it’s crucial to make an elementary but oh-so-easy-to-get-wrong decision; make sure that you’re picking a dating site that’s going to both match your expectations and deliver on your dating goals. It pays dividends to do your homework when researching which dating service suits you.

Having a browse through different sites is a good place to start, so sit yourself down and have a good old Google! Talking to friends and other older men who have experience with online dating is also extremely useful. Above all, finding a trusted website, like SilverSingles, that’s both truly secure and reputable is paramount. Knowing that your chosen website specialises in a certain niche (such as over 50 dating) is wise as well.

Don’t expect instant success

One of the first pitfalls too many older men succumb to when getting into online dating is expecting immediate success. Yes, we do live in a quick-fix world where internet orders have same-day delivery, but it’s a mistake to expect the same sort of expedience with dating over the web. Bearing in mind that patience is a virtue will serve you well as you get your search for romance underway.

A useful sliver of dating advice for men here is to stave off any frustration by immersing yourself in the process. You can do this by informing yourself about online dating and scanning through the countless resources that are available on the web. At SilverSingles we’ve even got a dedicated section packed with dating tips specifically tailored towards mature dating, so get reading.

Do take your time

Following on from the last point, it’s extremely valuable to channel that precious patience into a more considered approach to online dating. Rushing into anything is a risky approach, a point that’s especially relevant to dating on the internet . Having spent time finding the right dating site, you want to make sure you apply that same tact to preparing your dating profile.

If you’re feeling confused at this point, reading up on how to write a dating profile is the best way to get inspired. There are also loads of example profiles floating about on the web to show you how and how not to structure your profile. Remember, this is your opportunity to showcase the very best of you, so make it count. A handy tip here – especially if you’re suffering from writer’s block – is to make a list of five points that make you standout and then build out from there.

Don’t be tempted to bend the truth

Whether you’re putting together your biography or choosing your best profile photos to include, never be tempted to include false or outdated information. Though it could be tempting to doctor your height or age, or include a profile photo that features a former herculean self, these are lies that will be instantly uncovered as soon as you meet your date in person. Save yourself the embarrassment and be honest instead.

Without doubt, one of the most prominent characteristics of being an attractive older man is displaying a certain comfort in your own skin. Regardless of whether you’re a honed silver fox or sporting the very best of dad bods, being proud of who you are will standout on your dating profile. This will only result in your matches both warming to you and trusting your intentions.

Do embrace the experience

Though this point is a common piece of dating advice for men, it holds extra sway when it comes to gents of a more senior vintage. The very fact that you’ve decided to plunge into the heady world of online dating is a massive first step. Now it’s all about taking the experience in both hands and running with it. Idioms aside, online dating is a great opportunity to open yourself up to new perspectives, as well as people you wouldn’t usually meet.

If you’re using a website that matchmakes like SilverSingles, there’ll be a high degree of compatibility between you and your matches. That said, your prospective partners may enjoy pastimes or hobbies you’ve never encountered before. Don’t be too rigid and let this put you off. Be flexible instead; you never know, someone’s penchant for kayaking could be the beginning of a brand-new pursuit… and relationship!

Don’t think you know how to message

Our last little nugget of dating advice for men is vital as you could consider it the ‘last step’ before an internet relationship goes offline. In short, don’t fall in to the trap of thinking you know how to speak to women online before you’ve even sent your first message. Having a conversation over the web isn’t too dissimilar to one in real life, though there are a few important differences.

Let’s start with the similarities. Like in person, always remain courteous and polite. Don’t ask things that make someone feel uncomfortable, and respect a person’s boundaries (online this means not jumping in with personal questions too early). It’s a little harder to gauge a person’s nuances online, so be careful not to bombard someone with an endless string of messages either. When messaging via a dating app or site, make sure your spelling and grammar are on point too!

Above all, let the conversation flow, give your match time to respond and tell them a little about themselves. You want to create an atmosphere of openness and intrigue, particularly if you want your chat to materialise into a first date! Good luck and happy dating!

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