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First impressions

Make Great First Impressions, Whatever Your Age

SilverSingles knows a thing or two about dating. In today’s world first impressions are just as real and relevant as ever. Let us take you through the steps of mastering great first impressions.

Joining the dating world today, first impressions are still as important as they always were. Even in the age of online dating, nothing can replace the first real life experience you and your date have of each other – and first impressions can have a lasting impact. So let’s see how to master the art of great first impressions!

6 ways to make outstanding first impressions

That moment you’re faced with meeting someone new for the first time can be both daunting and exciting. Unfortunately the more stressed you are, the more likely you may give off an underwhelming or negative first impression as anxiety can obscure your true self shining through.

So let’s take a deep breath and cover the fundamentals of making charming first impressions. They do matter – whether it’s for a date, making a new friend or a business meeting – you can use these six principles to create great first impressions.

It’s useful to remember that although first impressions are important, they’re not the only factor in compatibility. So don’t fall at the first hurdle – take the pressure off and keep in mind that you’re both getting to know each other… it goes both ways! To start off, put your butterflies in check by taking a step back and reminding yourself you’re both on an even playing field, and to never judge a book by its cover! So after the first few online messages, use these 6 lessons to knock your first impressions out the park.

1. Hidden weapon: body language

Body language is a powerful tool – use it to communicate confidence and connect with your date. As the first step, make eye contact and hold their gaze. It makes you appear confident and interested. Similarly, keep your posture in mind – keep upright and open, and when you first meet, hold a firm handshake. Use your date’s name in conversation – it affirms that they are important to you in this moment and confirms that you’re giving them your attention.

You can also communicate your attraction by subtle and flirtatious signals – touching your neck, leaning forward and mirroring their body positioning. Body language is a simple but powerful way how to make a good first impression on a date, and in any social setting.

2. The basics: positive presentation

The most simple but logical advice on how to create a positive first impression is to make an effort. Good manners go a long way to show your respect, but let your date know that you’re interested by putting your best foot forward. Cover the basics – shower, shave, dress well, be on time and smile.

When you arrive, leave your phone off the table and keep it out of sight. It can be helpful to plan an activity on your first date so you don’t need to rely only on conversation – a game of mini golf, a walking tour or museum visit are good ways to take the pressure off.

3. Center of attention: apple of your eye

Concentrate on what your date is saying. Listen to them, rephrase it and refer back to it. Active listening techniques will make your date feel heard and understood – a meaningful way to make good first impressions. Concentrate on the details and mention it again later on the date.

It can also be helpful to prepare conversation topics beforehand to avoid any awkward silences and pressure can force one into veering onto inappropriate topics. A good guideline to stick to is be attentive and stay positive in your attitude and approach – even if you’ve had a tough day, you’re on a date, not at your therapist!

4. True you: shine bright

The best person you can be is you! And the best first impression you can make is being comfortable in your own skin. Be authentic, but also prepare so that you can be the best version of yourself. You can never fool someone for long, and why would you want to build a connection with someone who isn’t responding to the true you anyway?
Psychologist Dr. Thomas Plante explains, “Ethics are important and faking it to be someone who you are not is ethically problematic as well as just unsustainable. You can’t keep up false impressions for very long” . He goes on to say, “you should be yourself but try very hard to be your very best self.You can do this by centering yourself, do some exercise to release positive hormones, meditate, breathing exercise – put yourself in the best possible state of mind”.

The best way to create good first impressions for guys, girls, or even how to make a good first impression on a blind date, is simply by showing up as the real you. And of course, this starts on your profile.

5. Practice: arrive prepped

Prepare for the date. The preparation can help you to feel comfortable and just focus on your date. Preparing beforehand can boost your sense of security to be authentic and true to yourself. Thinking about conversation topics beforehand can help you resist the temptation of filling awkward silences and rattling on about yourself as you’re not sure what to say. It also gives you the space to make a real connection – finding a commonality you may share is a great way to do this.

Find a topic you connected on perhaps on the dating app, or general topics like school, university, travel and work experiences. Think about what details about yourself you would like to communicate and what you would like to know. Great first impressions can be as simple as great preparation!

6. Clicking into place: connection over impression

At the end of the day, remember that you’re not meeting a new person for the sake of validation from a stranger or to impress anyone. You’re there to explore a connection with a possible partner. And the best way to achieve this is if both of you feel comfortable enough to be genuine and open. If you don’t hit it off the first time you meet, it’s not a failure or rejection. Simply, not everyone is compatible. So put yourself out there with an open mind and heart.

Opening up the experience, accepting yourself in the moment and showing up with a present and calm attitude, creates the space for you and your date to feel comfortable and step into a low-pressure, authentic setting. Creating a positive environment for you and a new partner to experience your first impressions of each other gives you the highest likelihood of connecting and exploring your chemistry – even from the first date! So get out there, having made the effort to scrub up and prepare for the best possible date, and then just enjoy it!

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