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4 Ways to Meet Senior Singles and Enjoy Dating After 50

Senior singles are part of an ever-growing group, which means that there’s never been a better time to discover the joys of dating after 50. Of course, it’s one thing to know that there are other mature singles out there – meeting them is quite another! That’s where SilverSingles can help. We’re here to help you meet interesting older men and women, and reignite your dating life.

If you want to connect with other senior singles, but don’t know where to start, then this is the article (and the site!) for you. We’ve found four ways to meet people over 50, and get your new romance started.

1. Try an Online Dating Site Pitched at Senior Singles

At SilverSingles, we’re passionate about online dating for one simple reason: it works! We firmly believe that online dating platforms are a great way for singles – especially senior singles – to connect. After all, a reputable online dating site not only lets you outline what it is you’re seeking from a match, it links you with men and women who share similar hopes, and who are in a similar place in life. Now there’s a recipe that can result in something special!

For seniors seeking seniors, there’s an even greater chance for romantic success on a site that caters specifically for an older dating crowd. Unlike some more youth-focused sites, an older dating site is unlikely to be populated by college-aged kids only interested in selfies and swiping. What’s more, older dating sites are home to men and women who get what dating after 50 is like.

They’ve also seen the dating game change dramatically over the last few decades. They also know that divorce is just a step in the road, and that you’re allowed more than one ‘true love’. Most importantly, with a site like SilverSingles, they’re the kind of mature singles you want to be dating. So, are you ready to join them? Your next great date might be only a few clicks away.

2. Think About What Your Dream Partner Might Like Doing

While online dating is likely the simplest path to romantic success, it’s often worth supplementing your search with offline endeavours. Unlike the people you meet on a dating site, you can’t be sure that all your new offline connections will be single – but if you go in with an open heart (and check for a wedding ring before you make a move!) you might strike it lucky.

One great way to find someone special is to think about what kind of hobbies and passions your dream partner might have. Do you want to meet senior singles who love dogs? Check if your local animal shelter has any volunteering opportunities. Want to meet someone wild about art and culture? Look for docent roles at a nearby gallery or museum. If you have a specific sort of partner in mind then, to borrow a phrase from the business world, try digging where there’s potatoes.

3. Think About What YOU Might Like Doing

Of course, it’s also vital to think about what it is you like doing. That way, you have the chance to meet someone who shares your existing passions. This is a particularly effective method for recently retired singles who are looking to make the most of their new-found free time. Say you love painting; instead of just dusting off your brushes at home, why not take a class? It’s a great excuse to refresh your skills while also meeting new people.

Pro-tip: if you’re out to meet senior singles, then try attending a class or hobby that’s held during office hours. Take, for instance, a painting class that’s held at 3pm on a Monday – the chances are good that a high percentage of attendees will be past retirement age!

4. Host a ‘Bring a Single Friend’ Party

Another way to meet senior singles is to increase your social circle. A fun way to do this can be to think about all the other friends you know who are also single and 50+. It’s likely each of them also knows someone dating after 50 – so why not arrange a get together?

Host a cocktail party or mixer, and encourage your single friends to bring their single friends. Best case scenario? You meet a friend’s platonic friend and, with you, sparks start to fly. Worst case scenario? You don’t meet someone special this time – but you do gain a whole new group of single friends to help you navigate the ups and downs of mature dating.

Whichever method you choose, the key to meeting senior singles and having a great time with over 50 dating is this: get yourself out there! Whether it’s taking the time to fill in an online dating profile, investing in a class, or arranging social occasions, your chances of meeting an interesting match increase if you’re proactive. So, what are you waiting for?

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