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9 Signs You’re Falling in Love According to Science

The signs your falling in love are different for everyone. You might be the type of person who has butterflies in their stomach and feels like every song on the radio seems to be a love song for them. While for others, the signs your falling in love can be subtle. For example, you may have been dating someone for a period and you suddenly realise that you’ve moved past ‘liking’ into ‘loving’.

What if you’re not sure if your falling in love? Perhaps it’s not clear whether you’re dating or just friends? Signs of true love aren’t something we know inherently. So, if you need to know the signs he’s falling for you or whether she’s in the relationship for the long-term then look no further. SilverSingles has compiled the best scientific, psychological advice from the net to show you the most obvious signs of falling in love.

1. You Can’t Get Them of Your Head

The first signs of love can be simple. Are they occupying your thoughts more often than usual? Have you been doing work or enjoying a hobby when all of a sudden they pop into your head? Getting more comfortable and used to someone in your life means that you’ll allow them to stray into your idle thoughts more and more. Suddenly, they’re a constant occupant in your mind and you’ll find it difficult to do any of your normal activities without them getting in the way!

Scientists at Harvard University think that this bonding and attraction can lead to a reduction in serotonin, a hormone that’s important in regulating our mood. With this dip in serotonin, we can end up creating an obsessive thought pattern which could be characterised as one of the first signs you’re falling in love.

2. You Feel Positive and Energetic

One of the biggest signs you’re falling in love is a feeling that can’t be described without cliche. To put it bluntly, falling in love can sometimes make you feel like you’re on a high ‘high’. Again, science has another explanation for feeling dreamy and optimistically idealistic in the blossom of a new relationship. Dopamine and norepinephrine are both important chemicals in the reward path of the brain. This means that when we do things that pleasant to us, we get a little bit of these two chemicals that continue that good feeling for a longer period. They can also make you feel energetic and euphoric.

These chemicals might sound like an excellent side effect to falling in love but they can lead to some downsides, like a lack of appetite and sleep. Literally, if you’re looking for signs your falling in love and you can’t eat or sleep, then you might be in love.

3. You Try New Things

Whenever we meet and connect with someone new, we tend to gain some knowledge or information by learning about their hobbies and activities. However, it’s unlikely that a new friend is going to convince you that hiking is amazing enough for you to purchase equipment and join them on a trek. But what if your new partner discussed it with you? It’s likely that you’d be strapping on those hiking boots and racing them up the nearest mountain. That’s because one of the signs you’re falling in love is being more willing and open to trying new things.

This is one of the great upsides of dating someone new or even just meeting new people! It’s also why online dating has become so popular across all age groups. Meeting new people means that you’re pushing yourself out of your comfort zone and when you’re with someone you love, it’s even easier to do that.

4. You’re Thinking About the Future

For single women, one of the signs a man loves you is when he starts talking about the future. An idle mention of a holiday in six months time can show that the person you’re with is factoring you into their future plans. This is one of the signs you’re falling in love for both sexes, but sorry guys, single men stereotypically can shy away from commitment, so it’s a bigger statement for their partners.

Daydreaming about your future with someone you’re dating is common. It’s when those thoughts start becoming a reality that you know you’re falling in love.

5. You Want to Say ‘I Love You’

It may sound silly that wanting to say ‘I love you’ to your partner is a sign of falling in love but lots of people hesitate from acting on this emotion! It can happen out of nowhere, you could even be at the supermarket and suddenly be struck by the urge to say those three little words. There are some statistics to back up who’s more likely to say ‘I love you’ first. According to a study, which challenged the idea that women tend to be more romantic, it was revealed that men are more likely to say ‘i love you first’. Not only that, but the study also revealed that men tend to fall in love faster than women.

6. It Feels Easy and Safe

People tend to realise they’re falling in love once they’re out of the initial stages of a relationship. Characteristically, the first few months of dating which can be fun, fast-paced, but nerve-wracking for both people in the relationship. Once you start becoming more comfortable then you start feeling less nervous. Couples find they get into each other’s ‘flow’ and they start to feel safer being more vulnerable and less their perfect poised ‘date self’. When a relationship feels easy and you’re safe to be your authentic self, it’s a sure sign that you’re falling in love.

7. You Mimic Their Emotions

Feeling love and respect for another person means that you empathise with them more. If our closest friends are going for a difficult situation then you also feel emotional about their plight.

eWhen your empathetic nature increases with a partner it’s a big sign that you’re falling in love. This can be both positive and negative. Obviously, if your partner is a very positive person than this quality can rub off on you and even cheer you up when you’re feeling a bit down. It can be tricky when your partner is feeling low and you’re too empathetic and end up getting pulled into their bad mood. Remember to be helpful, listen and support them where you can.

8. You Become More Romantic

Are you saying ‘I miss you’ when you saw them recently? Are you communicating constantly when you’re apart? Are you feeling like you’re in a romantic comedy because of how adorable all your interactions are? Have your friends or family expressed that you and your partner are committing too many public displays of affection?

If you’ve answered yes to any of the above then chances are you’re falling in love. A heightened intensity of emotions can occupy those first flourishes of love and make you act like Clark Gable in normal everyday situations. This is one of the best signs of falling in love because you’re usually very secure with the other person to act passionately without stress.

9. Their Annoying Habits are Adorable

The quirks we have are what make all of us unique. Dating shouldn’t make people quick to judge, but sometimes you could notice an annoying trait on a date and suddenly you don’t find that person as attractive anymore. It’s inherently human to notice things like this and judge them. But it’s also human to find all these habits, traits, and quirks incredibly endearing if you’re falling in love with the person doing them.

Ultimately, falling in love feels different for different people but you probably have one or more of the signs above. If you’re not sure about saying it out loud then don’t worry! There’s no perfect way of saying ‘I love you’. Do it when it feels natural and your authenticity will shine through.

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