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10 Amazing First Date Ideas to Inspire and Enchant

Read our list of top ten first date ideas to create a perfect romantic evening and help you secure that elusive second date.

A first date can be a nerve-wracking experience. Making sure you are looking your best, that you’re dressed for the occasion and that you’re putting your best foot forward in order to make a good first impression can feel overwhelming. The best method to overcome those first date butterflies is to relax, enjoy yourself and show your natural personality. And what better way to feel relaxed than by planning the perfect date?

With this in mind, we’ve made a list of ten amazing first date ideas to inspire you to get out there and enjoy something wonderful. Maybe you and your date can try something a little different?

1. Visit an Art Gallery or Museum

A slice of culture is sometimes the best icebreaker on a first date and gives you both something to engage with. Walking amongst magnificent artwork and admiring ancient antiquity can be the spark that gets culture into the conversation. Our sophisticated matching will already have given you an insight into whether or not you share a love of art or history, so tailor it to your shared tastes.

Art galleries and museums offer something a little different and are a huge departure from the usual date ideas, and who knows, they might just inspire a little romance at the same time.

2. Enjoy a Cooking Class Together

Getting hands-on and enjoying a cooking class together can offer a rewarding experience and provides an environment that can be both social and intimate. Working on a dish together is a light-hearted activity for you both to enjoy with plenty of opportunity for laughter along the way. Finding out your date is an amazing cook or teasing them if their chopping technique leaves much to be desired makes a cooking class one of the most fun date ideas. There’s always the possibility of something delicious to share at the end — if you can concentrate on the food and not each other.

3. Prepare a Picnic – a Great First Date Idea

Picnics are a classic activity for romantic first dates, but sometimes the oldies really are the best. There are several ways that you can make your picnic a little different and up the romantic ante. Location is one of the most important decisions to make, whether you opt for beautiful vistas, the beach or natural woods, it is key that the setting is right — extra points if your date has mentioned that they love the location beforehand. Make sure to pack a blanket to sit on, some home-made snacks to enjoy and sparkling wine to toast your romantic date together.

older man and woman in an autumn forest

4. A Trip to the Theater

Taking a trip to the theater together might offer the perfect environment to share each other’s love of performance, drama, and is surely one of the best date ideas. There are so many options when it comes to choosing the right performance as a first date idea, from immersive theater experiences to classic plays or comedy. The theater provides a creative backdrop from which to enjoy your date, and the interval offers an opportunity to grab a drink while you relax and discuss the show.

5. Take an Art Class

If you’re looking for first date ideas with flair and originality, then an art class might be a perfect choice. Being creative together on a date is a unique way to spend an evening, chatting and getting to know each other better. Art is a fantastic medium through which to relax and learn a fun, new skill and the best news is you can take it as seriously as you like.

Many art classes for adults offer a bring your own drinks policy, which means you can celebrate your work with a glass of wine together. From still life, landscapes and life drawing lessons, you might discover a creative outlet for your romantic date.

6. Watch Live Music

Sharing a passion for music with someone is one of life’s greatest pleasures, making live music performances perfect for first dates. If you know the genre of music your date is interested in, or their favorite bands or artists, then it could be a wonderful surprise when you take them on a musical date. Music sets a scene and with the correct ambiance, the option to dance might be a fitting romantic end to the date.

older couple hiking in a forest

7. Take a Dance Class

When you think of first date ideas, chances are that you won’t imagine doing exercise, but dance classes offer the ideal mix of physical activity and make for a fun date idea. Learning to tango or samba in a class environment takes the pressure off and you can both relax while you learn the steps. Later, once you have learned some moves, you can enjoy some intimacy in a romantic dance together — a good opportunity to read their body language and assess your physical connection.

8. Rent a Bike

Whether you want to take your date on a cruise around the city or out into nature, cycling together is one of the best date ideas on this list. Head out on to the open road and enjoy a leisurely cycle, admiring the beautiful views while you get to know each other. Cycling is a fantastic way to keep the conversation flowing while you both take in the sights. For an added bonus, tandem bikes are the perfect way to enjoy the entire experience closer together.

9. Head to a Food Market

Going out for dinner is a classic first date idea and with good reason. Sharing a bite to eat is a romantic way to spend an evening, getting to know your date and finding out what each other likes. But, a trip to a food market can elevate the entire experience. With more variety and the option to take a romantic stroll while you eat, food markets are a more informal and more fun dining experience on a date.

10. Learn About Wine

Enjoying a drink together on a date is often a relaxing way to get to know each other and might help to ease any pre-date nerves. Many bars offer tutored wine tastings, which provide an informative and fun way to drink the vino. Learning how to taste wine and what you should be looking for will give you both knowledge that you can put to the test on your second date.

Whatever you choose to do for your first date, the most important aspect is that you feel comfortable choosing an activity that you will both enjoy. If you are looking to meet that special someone and share a first date to remember, sign up to SilverSingles free and take that first step.

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